10 Do’s and Do Not’s of PR Majors

Lets admit it, Being a PR major is tough. There are so many different aspects of public relations that it’s even hard to explain what exactly it is. As a PR major, we don’t get the amount of credit we deserve in terms of difficulty compared to the common difficult majors of nursing, pre med, account, and etc… With that in mind, I have created a generic Do’s and Do Not’s list for all those PR majors out there. I hope this simple list helps all those PR majors out there that are grinding with constant homework assignments of blogging, writing essays, and doing constant research.

  1. Don’t Lie! In public relations, your work is based off of your credibility. When you lie, you start to lose that credibility which makes it hard for you to be trusted for the truth. The number one rule in public relations is to be honest.
  2. Don’t Say “No Comment” to a reporter! Saying “No Comment” to a reporter is just as bad as ignoring the question overall. Saying that phrase means there is something you know that you can’t say. It also means guilt. When saying the phrase, reporters will usually look more into it.
  3. Don’t accept money or gift from, give money or gifts to, any client. This is ethically wrong. You should never accept nor give away anything in the standard that it is a gift.
  4. Don’t embrace Confirmation Bias! The simple definition of confirmation Bias would be we screen out and avoid information we do not agree with. In PR, it’s important you are an expert in whatever topic you must research. All information is important information.  Don’t discredit it due to your opinion.
  5. Do make sure you understand the powers of social media. Social Media is a power tool that only advances each and every day. Over the last decade, social media has only made PR more complex. It adds another complexity that practitioners have to worry about. It’s important you understand how social media is used in order to use social media to your benefit.
  6. Do double-check and Be cautious of your grammar. It’s crazy, but social media post with errors and typos do harm a brands reputation. It hurts especially if someone is coming to the company’s site for the first time.
  7. Do understand the PR steps of research, planning, action, and evaluation. There is a process in most things we approach in life. When approaching a crises, you must follow some of these advices in order to succeed. Being able to search, plan, and evaluate will allow you to respond to the crises with clear understanding of what is happening and what needs to happen. public_relations
  8. Do understand the public. PR practitioner must keep their fingers on the pulse of public opinion. As a practitioner, you must know your target audience and publics. This means understanding what’s popular amongst general public.
  9. Do Make sure everyone is on the same mission as you. It’s important that everyone on board, in your department, or your organization understands what the objective is. It’s important they know what’s going on, what the crises is, and what facts are present. It allows better and more clear understanding.
  10. Do Follow the moral rules of ethics. It’s important that you understand that ethics is being morally right. Making the right decision. When talking to a CEO, you must remember to stick to the morally right ethics at all time. Ethics might not be a written down rule, but you should know what’s considered right or wrong.

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